Nouvelle MAJ v.1.09

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Nouvelle MAJ v.1.09

Message par Ir0nM@tt le Lun 7 Mar - 16:04

Salut a tous, ceci est une traduction pure et dure du communiqué d'AMT sur le forum officiel du jeu.
On y découvre toutes les nouveautés / chanegements apportés par cette MAJ:

Ce qui est nouveau:
- PvP Duel mode (Player VS Pleyer, comprendre joueur contre joueur). Dans ce mode vous pouvez enfin savoir qui est le meilleur commandant de la Galaxie.
- Advanced Building drones. You receive bonuses depending on amount of building dropnes you have.
- Drone de construction avanc
- New UI. We hope you will like it!
- Heavy balance tweaks. Please read the forum thread for details. We have tweaked almost every unit so don't be suprised if you helicopter rush won't work!
- More antimatter. You can now win antimatter in League Rounds.
- Shield from modules. Shields that your units get from modules now activate when you deploy them, not when they get attacked.
- HQ now store some amount of Titanium and Energy
- Cool launch video. New players will see it when they start the game for the first time and you old buddies can find it in the Settings menu.

PvP Duel mode
1. Duel is a mode where two players fight against each other to define whose strategic skills are better. Duel is a fair, skill based event where both players start in equal conditions and victory only depends on tactic and skills. Players are not able to get any advantage in this mode via crystals, modules or base upgrades.
2. In order to participate, players pay an entrance fee with crystals which will be returned to the winner with additional prizes in antimatter and modules.
3. Both players receive similar packs of units and the goal is to make as many damage to a randomly selected base (same for both players) as possible. The one who makes more damage, wins the duel.

Advanced Building drones
Building drones now give you additional bonuses like decreased cost of buildings and faster building and upgrading process. The more drones you have, the more bonuses you will get.

New UI
We've made significant changes to the user interface. New UI leaves more space to the game and less to the bars and buttons on the main game screen.

Heavy balance tweaks
Here is the change log of the changes we made to the units. We hope these chages will bring new life to some units that were rarely used and balance out units that were overused. These changes are not final and we hope your feedback will help us polish the balance even better.

Role: Universal combat unit
Stats: No changes

Role: Long-ranged, vulnerable DPSer.
Stats: Added DPS, slightly reduced HP.

Light robot
Role: Low, mid-level tank focused on towers.
Stats: Increased training time.

Role: Assault ninjas aimed on grabbing resources.
Stats: No changes

Robotic mines
Role: Sneaky little piece of hardware, well known for destroying walls.
Stats: No changes.

Role: Flying tank. Covers vulnerable air units from air-to-air damage.
Stats: Reduced training time, Reduced DMG, dramatically increased HP

Role: Long-ranged, vulnerable DPSer.
Stats: Reduced training time, Increased DMG, Increased HP.

Role: Mobile repair unit. Protects troops from certain amount of DMG.
Stats: Restores HP instead of blocking damage to units.

Role: Universal flying unit.
Stats: Increased DPS, increased training time.

Role: High-level tank focused on towers.
Stats: Increased DPS, increased DPS, tower is favorite target.

We will be closely monitoring units usage after this update so additional changes may follow.


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